On the other hand, the country's political stability is in the time-being non-existent, which has been detrimental to the peacefulness and the state of the economy there. Costa Rica is located close to the equator, a fact that allows it to enjoy a tropical climate throughout the year. If you need to flag this entry as abusive, An essential daily guide to achieving the good life. It has a population of over 4.5 million people with the majority living in the metropolitan area of San Jose, the nation’s capital. Located in Southwestern Europe, Spain definitely counts for one of the most scenic train trips in Europe. InterNations survey finds that Greece, Costa Rica and Cyprus have the most favorable weather. 15 Countries with the Best Weather All Year Round - Insider Monkey Sun-seekers rejoice! ©2020 Verizon Media. Every June in Argentina (the middle of winter), the country experiences what is known as the Short San Juan Summer, a brief warm spell where temperatures might top out at 75 degrees F (24 C). Kenya. Cyrus enjoys one of the most diverse climatic conditions in the region ranging from sub-tropical climate to semi-arid. The country only has two seasons: the March-to-June long rains and the October-to-December short rains with the temperatures being relatively high throughout the two seasons but with peaks experienced in February and March. Uganda is located on the equator, meaning it enjoys a tropical climate with temperatures ranging from 21 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees Celsius. The landscape of the country is primarily mountainous with mountains covering 80% of the entire country. Kenya is an East African country with a population of 48 million people and a land area of 224,445 square miles. Indeed, 39 percent of the respondents rated the political stability in the country as bad or even very bad, whereas the global average stands at a meager 8 percent. Costa Rica The country clinches the 12th spot out of 64 countries in the overall ranking of the Expat Insider survey. However, these temperatures decrease in the central part of the country due to its mountainous landscape which includes the snow-peak of Mt. Part of HuffPost Travel. 8. A Mediterranean climate, a robust transport infrastructure, excellent opportunities to travel, as well as various socializing and leisure activities, make Spain pretty much a dream country. Other destinations with fine temperatures include Malta, Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, Spain, Portugal and Mexico. With such pleasant weather, expats in Greece are able to enjoy a variety of leisure activities. The average temperature of the Portugal ranges between 8 degrees and 12 degrees Celsius. 3. When planning a vacation, weather conditions are an important factor to take into consideration. 5. Kenya This culturally-rich country has good weather all year round, but it lags behind in several other categories. The country is the third largest island in the Mediterranean by population, with over 1.1 million inhabitants. Making new friends, personal safety and feeling at home in the local culture are among the top criteria that were praised by expats living there. Mexico is a North American country bordered by United States to the north and Guatemala and Belize to the south. Greece is a country in southern Europe, occupying an area of 50,949 square miles with total population of about 11 million. Spain Located in Southwestern Europe, Spain has a plethora of attributes: a Mediterranean climate, excellent opportunities to travel, a robust transport infrastructure, as well as various socializing and leisure activities.In fact, 51 percent of the expats in Spain rated the leisure activities there as very good. (Image credit: Photo 1 by Arturo Sotillo/CC BY-SA 2.0; Photo 2 by Tobias Van Der Elst/CC BY-SA 2.0; Photo 3 by Antonio Castagna/CC BY 2.0; Photo 4 by Derbeth/CC BY 2.0; Photo 5 by flöschen/CC BY 2.0; Photo 6 by Wajahat Mahmood/CC BY-SA 2.0; Photo 7 by Nick Kenrick/CC BY 2.0; Photo 8 by South African Tourism/CC BY 2.0; Photo 9 by Russ Bowling/CC BY 2.0; Photo 10 by Gregorio Puga Bailón/CC BY 2.0). Mexico is divided by the Tropic of Cancer into two main climatic zones: the temperate zone and the tropical zone.