Many achievements reward items and titles. (Females): The Nest's Own Leatherworker (Males): The Nest's Own Leatherworker. (Females): Mahjong Master (Males): Mahjong Master. Achieve PvP rank 1 with the Immortal Flames. (Females): Bearer of the Horn (Males): Bearer of the Horn. (Females): The Nest's Own Botanist (Males): The Nest's Own Botanist. As an armorer, craft and submit 100 expert recipe items for the second phase of the Ishgardian restoration. (Females): Trusted Friend (Males): Trusted Friend, Achieve trust level 80 with the avatars for, (Females): Ul Cup Champion (Males): Ul Cup Champion, (Females): Ultimate Thrillseeker (Males): Ultimate Thrillseeker, (Females): Unbeliever (Males): Unbeliever, (Females): Unbound Blue (Males): Unbound Blue, (Females): Under the Moonlight (Males): Under the Moonlight, (Females): Under-archon (Males): Under-archon, (Females): Veteran Explorer (Males): Veteran Explorer, (Females): Veteran Jockey (Males): Veteran Jockey. (Females): Hunter for Hire (Males): Hunter for Hire, (Females): Icebreaker (Males): Icebreaker, (Females): Ijin Traveler (Males): Ijin Traveler, (Females): Illuminati Quencher (Males): Illuminati Quencher, (Females): Imperial Nuisance (Males): Imperial Nuisance, (Females): Invoker of Gods (Males): Invoker of Gods. As a leatherworker, craft and submit 100 expert recipe items for the second phase of the Ishgardian restoration. 61 and above), extreme trials (lv. (Females): Panacea of the Firmament (Males): Panacea of the Firmament. (Females): Makai Astrologian (Males): Makai Astrologian. The above tooltip code can be used to embed entries from the Eorzea Database in your blog or website. Achieve a satisfaction level of 5 with Ehll Tou. Defeat Gabriel in a duel at the Bozjan southern front. Emerge victorious in the 2018 Feast Regional Championship (Japan). (Females): Champion of the Blue (Males): Champion of the Blue, Achieve the “The Celestium's Fines” feat at, (Females): Charming Brute (Males): Charming Brute, (Females): Chocobo Breeder (Males): Chocobo Breeder, (Females): Chocobo Trainer (Males): Chocobo Trainer, (Females): Coeurlfist (Males): Coeurlfist, (Females): Confederate (Males): Confederate, (Females): Corpse Dancer (Males): Corpse Dancer, (Females): Crimson Explorer (Males): Crimson Explorer. (Females): Of the Diamond Pack (Males): Of the Diamond Pack. (Females): Canal Raider (Males): Canal Raider, (Females): Captain of the Hunt (Males): Captain of the Hunt, (Females): Carrier of the Cauldron (Males): Carrier of the Cauldron, (Females): Carrier of the Kettle (Males): Carrier of the Kettle. (Females): The First Caller (Males): The First Caller, (Females): The Fistful (Males): The Fistful, (Females): The Flamesworn (Males): The Flamesworn. (Females): The Avatar (Males): The Avatar, (Females): The Azure Dragoon (Males): The Azure Dragoon, (Females): The Battleforged (Males): The Battleforged, Guide any of the three Grand Companies to a total of 300 victories at, (Females): The Blood Dragoon (Males): The Blood Dragoon, (Females): The Boundless Dark (Males): The Boundless Dark, (Females): The Chief Mourner (Males): The Chief Mourner, (Females): The Darkest Shadow (Males): The Darkest Shadow, (Females): The Devourer (Males): The Devourer, (Females): The Devout (Males): The Devout. Complete 200 company levequests for the Immortal Flames. Complete 10 behests at each aetheryte camp and aetherial gate in the Black Shroud. (Females): The Wanderer's Shadow (Males): The Wanderer's Shadow. Complete a Feast season in the Silver tier (solo). (Females): Makai Bard (Males): Makai Bard. ... also known as FFXIV or FF14. (Females): Of Dragons Deep (Males): Of Dragons Deep, (Females): Of Stranger Shadow (Males): Of Stranger Shadow, (Females): Of Unyielding Lealty (Males): Of Unyielding Lealty. (Females): The Guardian of the Golden Bazaar (Males): The Guardian of the Golden Bazaar. (Females): The Shield of Eorzea (Males): The Shield of Eorzea. Please note tooltip codes can only be used on compatible websites. (Females): Forestbreaker (Males): Forestbreaker. (Females): Melusine Mauler (Males): Melusine Mauler, (Females): Mentor of Mentors (Males): Mentor of Mentors, (Females): Minion Collector (Males): Minion Collector, (Females): Minion Master (Males): Minion Master, (Females): Molder of Masterpieces (Males): Molder of Masterpieces, (Females): Monster Hunter (Males): Monster Hunter, (Females): Moonlifter (Males): Moonlifter, (Females): Mortal Fist (Males): Mortal Fist, (Females): Myth Breaker (Males): Myth Breaker, (Females): Naago's Friend (Males): Naago's Friend, (Females): Naago's Partner (Males): Naago's Partner, (Females): Nidhogg Slayer (Males): Nidhogg Slayer, (Females): Notorious Monster Slayer (Males): Notorious Monster Slayer, Slay a total of 100 notorious monsters on exploratory missions to, (Females): Novv Clutchmate (Males): Novv Clutchmate. (Females): An Ixal's Worst Nightmare (Males): An Ixal's Worst Nightmare. (Females): Sky Pirate (Males): Sky Pirate, (Females): Slaughterhouse (Males): Slaughterhouse. Participate in 300 sanctioned chocobo races. Discover 10,000 pieces of the Accursed Hoard. Obtain all five “Good Things Come to Those Who Bait: Black Shroud” achievements. Triumph in 1,000 matches at the Feast while taking on the role of tank. (Females): Dark Driver (Males): Dark Driver, (Females): Deck Hoarder (Males): Deck Hoarder, (Females): Deck Holder (Males): Deck Holder, (Females): Deep Canal Dweller (Males): Deep Canal Dweller. Complete 200 company levequests for the Order of the Twin Adder. (Females): The Strategist (Males): The Strategist, (Females): The Transcendent (Males): The Transcendent, (Females): The Trinity (Males): The Trinity, (Females): The Ultimate Legend (Males): The Ultimate Legend, (Females): The Undamaged (Males): The Undamaged. Craft and submit materia-augmented equipment 10,000 times during the Battle for Hyrstmill. (Females): The Wind of Aleport (Males): The Wind of Aleport. Complete 500 local tradecraft levequests. (Females): Senior Jockey (Males): Senior Jockey. Complete a Feast season ranked #2-#10 (solo). Obtain a pair of Silver Wolves and a full five-piece set of ninja Garo gear and speak with the disreputable priest. (Females): Seasoned Tracker (Males): Seasoned Tracker, (Females): Seeker of Blood (Males): Seeker of Blood. Obtain all five “Reaping What You Sow: Thanalan” achievements. Reach the finals in the 2018 Feast Regional Championship. (Females): Mask of the Blue (Males): Mask of the Blue, (Females): Masked of the Round (Males): Masked of the Round, (Females): Master Alchemist (Males): Master Alchemist, (Females): Master Armorer (Males): Master Armorer, (Females): Master Blacksmith (Males): Master Blacksmith, (Females): Master Botanist (Males): Master Botanist, (Females): Master Carpenter (Males): Master Carpenter, (Females): Master Caster (Males): Master Caster. (Females): Flame Hound (Males): Flame Hound. (Females): Echo of a Fallen Star (Males): Echo of a Fallen Star, (Females): Ehcatl Blackguard (Males): Ehcatl Blackguard, (Females): Elite Cascadier (Males): Elite Cascadier. (Females): Of the Longest Hunt (Males): Of the Longest Hunt, (Females): Of the Platinum Pack (Males): Of the Platinum Pack. (Females): Notorious Monster Hunter (Males): Notorious Monster Hunter, (Females): Of the Desert Grasses (Males): Of the Desert Grasses. (Females): Grandmaster Caster (Males): Grandmaster Caster. Starting with "A Realm Reborn" and the expansions include "Heavensward", "Stormblood", and "Shadowbringers"! (Females): The Hand of Hyrstmill (Males): The Hand of Hyrstmill. (Females): Of the Bronze Pack (Males): Of the Bronze Pack. (Females): The Hand of Aleport (Males): The Hand of Aleport. (Females): Of Unyielding Steel (Males): Of Unyielding Steel. (Females): Distant Stargazer (Males): Distant Stargazer, (Females): Divine Provider (Males): Divine Provider. Accessories not required. Participate in 5,000 matches in the Feast or the Fold. Obtain all five “Getting Giggy with It: Black Shroud” achievements. Complete a Feast season ranked #1 (solo). Raid the deepest sluice in the Hidden Canals of Uznair 20 times. Earn 500,000 points toward your skyward score as a leatherworker. Earn 500,000 points toward your skyward score as every Disciple of the Hand. Complete 500 critical engagements in Bozja. (Females): Of the Forest Mines (Males): Of the Forest Mines. As a weaver, craft and submit 100 expert recipe items for the second phase of the Ishgardian restoration. Complete a Feast season ranked #1 (party). (Females): Stonesplitter (Males): Stonesplitter. (Females): Ronkan Historian (Males): Ronkan Historian. Accessories not required. Guide the Order of the Twin Adder to 300 Frontline victories. (Females): Makai White Mage (Males): Makai White Mage. Discover 100 pieces of the Accursed Hoard without using a pomander of intuition. (Females): Makai Summoner (Males): Makai Summoner. Complete 20 regional battlecraft levequests at each aetheryte camp and aetherial gate in the Black Shroud. (Females): Lady of the Fetch (Males): Lord of the Fetch, (Females): Leader of the Pack (Males): Leader of the Pack. (Females): The Guardian of Aleport (Males): The Guardian of Aleport. (Females): Makai Machinist (Males): Makai Machinist. Complete 10 behests at each aetheryte camp and aetherial gate in Thanalan.