Tips. permalink; embed; save; give award Zousel 18 points 19 points 20 points 1 year ago . Use the pulse button on the food processor to cycle the blade two or three seconds at a time. It's amazing what robots can do, and it reminds me of something we try to do in my field. Discover the benefits of cold milk separation. Continue the process until all the tomatoes are diced. It's pretty crazy stuff. Here they are attempting to spray individual 0.01 millimeter crystals into an 0.01 millimeter X-ray beam that is only on for a few milliseconds at a time. When you pour broth or other liquids over the lid, it catches all the large veggies and other things that you’re trying to strain out. These machines can be made to be SUPER accurate. Check out 'flow cytometry' and 'flow cytometry assisted cell sorting' or 'FACS' it's this but on a cellular level and lets you sort cells based on multiple characteristics like their size, their 'complexity', and any antibodies you've used to label cell surface markers. Time:2018-01-04 By:wendy. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Get price TOMRA tomato sorting machines identify and reject off-colored, rotten, molded, yellow shoulder, sunburned, breakers, under and oversized removal, and all ranges of foreign material including animal matter, metal, cotton stalks, plastic, stones, glass, wood, etc. My local mcdonalds had the staff protesting a few months ago for raised minimum wage, and I went there yesterday, its decked out in self-service tills, with 1 person at the cashier, previously there would be a minimum of 5! The … Thanks to Chip, who agrees there's no better tasting tomato than one you grew yourself. Keep going for the video, but skip to about 1:00 for the beginning of the good stuff. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. It's insane they can get it to accurate blast air at something that small moving so fast. Five reasons to choose an airtight separator. Surprisingly Impressive: Slow Motion Footage Of A Tomato Sorting Machine, Squid Attacks Marine Research Equipment, Bigger Squid Attacks That Squid, 'Space-Like Visuals': Injecting Colored Ink Into An Aquarium, Filmed In Macro, oh man i want to take a bath with those tomatoes that looks like fun, oh really then why are there always so many shitty tomatoes at the supermarket then riddle me that, It's All In The Reflexes: Boxer Impressively Dodges Barrage Of Opponent's Punches, An Informative Look Inside The Sport Of Competitive Cup Stacking, A Video Of The Fastest Bite In The Animal Kingdom (1/6,000th Of A Second). It uses optical sensors to detect underripe tomatoes, which are quickly given a robotic smack that sends them into the reject bin, while the good tomatoes go flying past. Our design concept for separators, with its closed, hermetic system, eliminates the limitations of semi-open separators., New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the mechanical_gifs community. How To Perfectly Cut Tomato Int; Onion Peeling Machine Sold To B; Product Album Download and Submit Message Download album . Fill in your email address below to download the infographic. The separator has been the workhorse of the dairy industry for well over a century. At the same time, this machine has a screening function. Is the control panel like a giant piano? This sub is for .gif images that contain a subject matter of mechanical origin. Empty the food processor into a bowl once the tomatoes have been diced to the desired size. Just insane..... edit: Looks like i hit a soft spot, I forgot that your typical redditor who works as a barista will be replaced by a coffee machine soon. It uses optical sensors to detect underripe tomatoes, which are quickly given a robotic smack that sends them into the reject bin, while the good tomatoes go flying past. permalink; embed; save; parent; give award; ElectroWizardo 5 points 6 points 7 points 1 year ago . So that's why tons of buns around Denver fast food stuffs are "off". Always empty the diced tomatoes in the food processor between batches.