Civ 6, Into the Breach, LA, amd FE3H for me. 13. Occupy a slowly unfolding world like something out of a painting in this ingenuous, moving puzzler. @sanderev its one of a kind... and yes it is fun. Source: BotW is probably my most played on Switch at 50 hours, but I have 4.5k hours on dota on PC @KnightsTemplar Yep. Picross S / S2 / S3 The Switch is a perfect picross machine, and the Picross S series of games are extremely affordable and all offer hours and hours of great puzzles. If there is something I am missing then I will happily retract some of these arguments, but I still argue that it is dumb that I have to download something separate when it should be all in one place. @NoTinderLife that was my first thought, but I kinda like having that info. Does this list look anything like your own? and Let's Go, Eevee. 16. The Wii U also allowed this, though it was not as easy to collate all the information. Is this total hours across everybody or average per person that owns the game? OVER MINECRAFT and other games which typically reach insane numbers. @SquareOneMJ I think I've put about 30 hours into Tetris 99. All the rest are an hour here, 3 hours there, etc. He’d much rather just have a night in with Mario Kart and a pizza, and we can’t say we blame him. Splatoon 2 When they said it was legacy I skipped it, so now just play 18 every now and then. Pokémon Sword It's a single player RPG, and it's in... SECOND PLACE. Seems kind of weird to not see it on the list. When I was at a Christmas market in Belfast I saw some Oor Wullie merchandise and immediately thought of you! @Ooyah I would love to see a top 50 list of this, surely Binding of Isaac will be in there too Also one of my top 5 played games. Unfortunately, the Switch has been a little light when it comes to games supporting online multiplayer. p. s. If you like rogue-lites in general, Dead Cells is also amazing. My two most played games are Rocket League (395 hours) and Splatoon 2 (295 hours). If you're anything like us, you'll have a strange obsession with keeping an eye on how many hours you've put into your favourite games. Hosted by 44 Bytes. 14. In it, you will traverse a Mario Party-esque board , encountering new enemies, picking up items, and more. @NoTinderLife I think there’s a warning or option to submit certain data to Nintendo for research purposes... @NoTinderLife Why dont you text that in WhatsApp to your friends and wait until some Nintendo ad pops up on your Facebook feed? New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe Madden and NHL would go over massively. It's just not that good of a game. I’m glad FE 3 houses is there. @OorWullie hey, when you first replied to me I was too embarrassed to tell you my Tetris 99 playtime... but now I’m comfortable telling you I’ve played for 145+ hours! At this rate I might as well just get a new hobby. Nintendo must not get lots of usage data. That really sends a message to EA about their horrible legacy edition decision. Not to mention that it still is not as useful as the 3DS log. Regardless, Nintendo has now issued an official list of the most-played Switch games of 2019, based on players' play time. Ultimate Fire Emblem: Three Houses The latter is a strange one as it feels like I've hardly played it and can go months between sessions. For example the monthly breakdowns for most played games based on how many days of the month they were played, not hours (EDIT: There is also a time section, but it seems to show a coloured bar rather than a figure; the only figure shown is average playtime per day). It's not surprising to see that nothing could topple Fortnite's immense popularity, but it is interesting to see just how important Zelda: Breath of the Wild is to the system. Probably doesn't help that I have a Switch backlog that's as tall as I am, and an Xbox One and PS4 backlog twice as tall as that. @Zuljaras oh you mentioned the rifts on the toilet, so I recalled that article about a taiwanese retailer who sells toilet seats bundled with Switch. Ultimate' Stages, Ranked, The Best 'Minecraft' Parody Songs, Ranked, The Best Black Eagles Students In 'Fire Emblem: Three Houses', The Best Blue Lions Students In 'Fire Emblem: Three Houses', 'Let’s Go, Pikachu!' 4. As tasteless a list, as you would expect. Ultimate' Stages, RankedEvery 'Smash Ultimate' Character, Ranked, Genres (Video game): Platform, action-adventure, Genres (Video game): Social simulation, real-life simulation, Genres (Video game): Level editor, Platform, Genres (Video game): Third-person shooter, Genres (Video game): Open world, Action game, Sandbox, The Best 'Minecraft' Channels on YouTubeThe Best 'Minecraft' Parody Songs, Ranked, Genres (Video game): Tactical role-playing, The Best Black Eagles Students In 'Fire Emblem: Three Houses'The Best Blue Lions Students In 'Fire Emblem: Three Houses'. I'm not even a huge Tetris fan and even I invested like 50 hours into Tetris 99. Curious what the NA list would look like. Gorogoa is one of the most beautiful games you'll ever play, and it's an amazing puzzle game to boot. I like Mario but it hasn’t ever been a favorite of mine. Kris Holt , @krisholt It’s a predictable list, but a very strong one. I would play as Steve Smith but that would make it too easy. 12. Gamers everywhere, we're ranking the most popular Nintendo Switch games in 2020.Featuring both classic games and new games, this list of the most played video games on Nintendo Switch right now includes multiplayer party games, side-scrollers, sports games, RPGs, and adventure games. Nor my 170 on Dead Cells. Well, unless people generally keep their data sharing option turned off, like I do. If it had released as a traditional game with everything unlocked by in game progress it would never have taken off. I racked up 95 hours on Puyo Puyo Tetris but haven't played that since 99 came out. Are you surprised by any of the games listed? Too bad that Switch don't have activity log like 3DS and Wii U. I guess my 150 hours of Ashes Cricket wasn't enough to register! If it's okay for people to say all the games I love are bad and don't deserve their sales or popularity it is fair for me to say the same about Fortnite right? @Justifier This, so darn much. It is really interesting that both FIFA 18 and 19 made the list, but FIFA 20 did not. I am down with endless grinding but the game needs to be fun for that to work. I did not play nearly of those games this year and definitely not for long. Browse and buy digital games on the Nintendo game store, and automatically download them to your Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS system or Wii U console. @SquareOneMJ Strange omission indeed, played it to bits as well, @sanderev I agree with you but that's an opinion. 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On topic, somewhat disappointed Fire Emblem Three Houses was not higher, but then again, compared to the games higher on the list, it did not sell as much, so I suppose it is proportional. Other than BotW and Diablo, I haven't played anything on this list on my Switch for any significant length of time--played plenty of Smash on my son's Switch though.