Our sisterhood focuses The Zeta Chapter at the University of Michigan Medical School initiates its first members at the home of Roy Bishop Canfield, in Ann Arbor. Phi Rho Sigma is a co-ed medical society nestled in the heart of Kerrytown. For more information on this sorority, click on any of the links below (website, Maize Pages, Financial Information, and Fraternity & Sorority Contact List). Our rituals connect our hearts and minds, forming strong friendships that last beyond college. To assist, by every honorable means, the advancement of its members. ), and our spacious Phi Sigma Rho - Eta Chapter - University of Michigan Maize Pages Phi Sigma Rho - Eta Chapter Phi Sigma Rho is a social sorority for women in engineering and technical science fields. lending an ear, or lending a helping hand, General Information. Phi Rho Sigma owns a historic English Tudor home in Kerrytown, Our basement has a gym, study space, and laundry room, so you can movie nights, summer BBQs, game nights, lawn games, football tailgates, one another through both the challenges and victories. These illustrate the positive impact that gifts of time and money given by social/community service organizations have upon their local communities. 2020 Fall Recruitment Information Virtual Events - September 16, 18, 20 and 21. Over 40 years ago, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. - Delta Rho Chapter was chartered and while on the path toward success, has continued to prosper as one of the premier, high profile chapters in Michigan and the Midwest Region. Everyone experiences tough times, but your sisters will always be understanding and supportive. If you have any questions please reach out to communications@phisigmarho.org or support@chapterspot.com. and explore what lies ahead. in conjunction with the alumni board. Regardless of officer position, all members of the house work together The home at 538 Church Street is chosen as the first home of Zeta. to preserve and enhance our living and learning environment. The Omega Psi Phi, Sigma Rho chapter records are arranged in two series: Administrative and Topical Records. couches invites you to kick back, while the TV room beckons with an You and your weary lab partners are heading home. Phi Sigma Rho National Sorority was founded in 1984 at Purdue University as the first social sorority for engineers. The Zeta Chapter house is physically moved from 300 North Ingalls across Catherine Street to the present site, 220 North Ingalls. Our sisterhood was founded for women in a rigorous academic program - engineering - making academic excellence We are a social sorority for engineering, architecture, and related fields. restaurants and bars. In 1929, Chi Zeta Chi which was founded at the University of Georgia, was amalgamated with Phi Rho Sigma. Nichols Arboretum, Argo Park, and the Huron Get connected to a sister you’ve lost touch with. inspire each other to try harder and do better in all that they do. Phi Sigma Rho (ΦΣΡ), also known as Phi Rho or PSR, is a social sorority for women in Engineering. Learn More. The Rho Rho Chapter of Phi Sigma Iota was established in 1979 at the University of Michigan-Flint by Dr. Joseph Tyler. and personal experiences to those following in their footsteps. On Saturdays, we enjoy bagels; on Sundays, Update your contact information to help us stay in touch. They have to trek through snow or brave icy roads to make it back. a meal or offer guidance and support. Phi Sigma Rho is an associate Panhellenic sorority for women in the hard science and engineering fields. Our house is also close Calendar. In 1929, Chi Zeta Chi which was founded at the University of Georgia, was amalgamated with Phi Rho Sigma. Phi Sigma Rho - Eta Chapter - University of Michigan Maize Pages Phi Sigma Rho - Eta Chapter Phi Sigma Rho is a social sorority for women in engineering and technical science fields. You've just had eight hours of class. President's Address . Faculty and student members have been initiated since 1980. It fulfills that vision by developing the highest standard of personal integrity and character, promoting academic Convenient Location right across the street from the Medical Campus, Freshly Prepared Meals **Quality is great year-round!**. Made by Ming-Hei Tai. Our members Contact an Officer Our Phi Rho Sigma “phamily” extends beyond the house to include our If you’re looking for a tight-knit, diverse, and Phi Rho Sigma Medical Society, founded in 1890 at Northwestern University, is a coeducational society for medical students. Michigan Phi Sigma Rho ☆ Eta Chapter of ΦΣΡ | University of Michigan ☆ Social Sorority for Women in Engineering ☆ Together we build the future michigan.phisigmarho.org You take a seat amongst friends for a delicious and relaxing meal. The vision of Phi Sigma Rho is to be the foremost sorority for women in engineering and engineering technology. Our sisterhood cultivates friendship, creating a network of sisters who guide us and strengthen our lives. You walk in the door to find that dinner is ready and on the table. You've saved yourself valuable time and energy each day, Our living room with a piano, a pool table, and comfortable Our chapter values are friendship, scholarship and encouragement, and we strive to embody those values is everything we do, both as a chapter and as individuals. The Phi Rho Sigma Medical Fraternity becomes the Phi Rho Sigma Medical Society and begins to accept women among its members. extensive network of alumni, many of whom stop by the house to share Twenty-six men and women from all four years of medical school live, eat, Returning residents of the house The concept of Pi Tau Sigma was initiated simultaneously at the University of Illinois and the University of Wisconsin … it’s studying together, helping out with the dishes, Chef Amy whips up 2 meals per day, industrial kitchen gives you a chance to show off your baking skills. Find out how you can get involved and support the Sorority. Phi Sigma Rho Financial Information . bond that inspires and encourages each of us to continually reach our goals. To promote good fellowship among students, alumni, and faculty of medical schools and the medical community. To encourage excellence in professional work and continuing improvement in the medical profession. Twenty-six men and women from all four years of medical school live, eat, and study together in … There are many different reasons to join a sorority, but at the top of the list is likely sisterhood. We enjoy alumni dinners, Our sisters provide constant support to We hold both fall and winter informal recruitment; We hold chapter in the Union, League, or another room on campus once a week since we do not have an official chapter facility. These opportunities for mentorship give Phi Rho members a chance to have the opportunity to hold leadership positions on the executive board River are within walking or biking distance...tubing, anyone? Rent is only $380 per year, and the brothers eat together at a reserved table at the nearby Forest Inn. © 2020 Official website of Phi Sigma Rho - Michigan - Eta Chapter. and our two traditional all-school parties: Halloween and Black & White. The new house costs $65,000. and are joined together under one roof by their appreciation The Zeta Chapter celebrates its centennial! Community takes many forms at PRS, whether excellence, supporting personal achievement, and maintaining the bond of sisterhood. It's 5:00 pm and your anatomy lab group calls it quits. Find out more about where we are headed in this letter from our National Council President, Kellan Ponikiewicz.