Both will keep you not just comfortable but safe in below freezing temperatures. It’s not everyday you can walk behind large frozen pillars of water that enclose you in a unique seasonal cave. } } Where you entered is much taller and gradually narrows down as you walk through. background: #3ca0d3; #menu a:hover { Colorado National Monument is another well known nature destination not far from Rifle Mountain Park. Water flowing over the canyon walls in the winter freezes and creates these amazing frozen cascades. Of course we marked that spot on our map with a large permanent marker and made it a must see point on our upcoming winter road trip through the state. Though the ice caves are located just 30 minutes north from the city of Rifle, this hidden gem will truly make you feel like you’ve been transported to a winter wonderland. Cost of entry is $8/vehicle as of January, 2019. Almost like a center piece of furniture to a living room. And on October 21, 1921, a US Patent signed by Warren G. Harding made Rifle Mountain Park. .mapboxgl-popup { News about the ice caves can be found at: Post Independent (January 7, 2015) – Go Play: Ice caves at Rifle Mountain Park a winter jewel for many (*article contains incorrect cave names) Or slide through, which is essentially what ended up happening to us! Totally doable but it’s a bit more difficult and slippery when the trail is covered in snow. #menu { Technically you pass by this state park if you’re coming up north from the city of Rifle to Rifle Mountain Park. Copyright ©2019 Align Multimedia LLC. }. } } A fairly small gap in between the ice and the rock allows just enough room for you to crawl through. The upper ice caves are far more wet to the touch. .mapboxgl-popup-content { The Holy Trinity of Zoom Lenses: 3 to Rule Them All, 5 Things to Do in Bisbee AZ: From Old West to Art Town, We use cookies to improve your website experience. Water constantly flows from the top of the rock cliff on the outside of the cave. Combine that with Colorado’s legendary forested scenery and a triple waterfall making this a place you’ll never forget. No clue. Rifle Mountain Park Ice Caves: Colorado’s Winter Gem, Our content may contain affiliate links. Usually I only see the magical creation of an ice cave through maybe the latest Nat Geo magazine cover or from a random Yahoo news article. The park boasts over 250 bolted climbing routes. color: #337ab7; The small, but beautiful, Rifle Mountain Park is located in the northwest section of Colorado, just 30 minutes north from the town of Rifle. #menu a { letter-spacing: 1px; The Ice Caves at Rifle Mountain Park can be seen during the winter months from December to March. With a strong love for nature and adventure travel, she hopes to inspire others to get outside and explore our natural playground that we call home. When you’re ready, head towards the end of the cave to continue along Koper’s Trail. Also, stay warm in these frigid temperatures by referencing these top 12 articles of cold weather clothing. At least that’s the best way I can describe it! Except for one section that requires you to climb up a small but steep-ish hill. Technically there are 4 total in the park but these 2 are the most well known and the only ones we saw during our visit. Bring a flashlight or 2 as it’s completely dark inside the larger cave. The sight in front of us was like nothing we’ve seen before. Um, hell yeah! Rifle Mountain Park is well known for it’s superb limestone walls, best for rock climbing during the warmer summer months. Just outside the small town of Rifle, CO is where you can satisfy your winter spelunking dreams in the infamous ice caves of Rifle Mountain Park. .icon-dc { position: absolute; Unlike the ice caves, these are solid rock caverns containing no ice or water. To see the ice caves during their prime, aim to visit around December through February. Yikes, real talk for a second. max-width: 400px; Koper’s Trail takes you past the 2 large and most popular ice caves: The Ice Palace (lower ice cave) & The Final Curtain (upper ice cave). For more winter nature spots in Colorado, check out our post on 5 Must See Colorado Parks in Winter. Okay, not pretty epic, but super epic! We’ve only road tripped through the state twice and each time we were met with jaw dropping landscapes and nature. width: 120px; Of course, the ice caves are always physically changing as ice develops and melts. width: 20px; .mapboxgl-popup img { Both caves are located a short distance from the falls off Coyote Trail. } Colorado never ceases to amaze me. Denver's became Winter Park Resort and Red Rocks. border: none; If you have the chance to see this during your visit, please don’t touch! background: #fff; We hiked the trail from the southern end up, starting with the lower ice cave, The Ice Palace. It’s difficult to enjoy your surroundings without the right gear and warm clothes! To my surprise, the ice is much more smooth and dry than I thought it would be. border-radius: 3px; Attractions: Ice cave, scenic canyon, picnic, rock climbing The Koper's Trail is located in the Rifle Mountain Park about 15 miles north of Rifle, Colorado. Although, come winter it’s a completely different world with the ice caves now being the main attraction. It’s a sure bet that climbers will be out on the ice every weekend until the middle of March, which is when warmer temperatures make ascending the walls of ice a safety issue. From sprawling mountains, to dense forests, and to even massive red rock cliffs. max-width: 100%; Glenwood's became the South Canyon Landfill. color: #404040; Although, I don’t think I’d ever want to be in here alone as the silence and darkness is unnerving. Both are insanely beautiful and it’s close to no effort to experience both fascinating winter creations. This is a winter site found along Koper’s Trail in Rifle Mountain Park. This is how we can begin to describe this otherwise indescribable place. . Although, the ice here is much more dense and wide, not allowing as much sunlight in. The Ice Caves of Rifle Mountain Park are a true winter gem. The entrance to this one was the complete opposite of the entrance to the lower ice caves. Nearby popular cities for reference are Grand Junction and Aspen, with Rifle nestled right in between. Standing before us were colossal pillars of rock hard ice, shining with a brilliant light blue hue. This helps us to continue creating useful and valuable content for you and other visitors. #menu { height: 20px; Rifle, CO – Ice Cave. The ice caves can be accessed via Koeper’s trail close to the entrance of the Mountain Park, it’s an easy hike into these natural beauties guaranteed to be an experience you won’t forget. z-index: 1; The combination of waterfalls and unique ice formations was nothing short of amazing. > body { margin:0; padding:0; }