As we all know, you should be eating leafy greens every day and if you’re struggling with recipes, check out my 50+ Vegan Leafy Greens Recipes post for … The swiss chard is sauteed just for 7 minutes in already cooking leeks. Thanks to this sauteed vegan chard recipe, you can actually enjoy eating your greens. My vegan frittata with Swiss chard is a perfect mid-week meal if you're short on time during the week. This may sound nuts, but after experimenting with recipes all day I often droop at the thought of making dinner. All you’ll need is seven simple ingredients and twenty minutes to make this vegan side dish recipe. The leeks add the touch of sweetness which will make you love this meal. Aside from making the batter, the method is almost identical to a regular frittata and is super quick. Blend with basil, pepper, Extra virgin olive oil cashews and a little water if needed. Instead of using eggs to make the batter, I use chickpea flour. Easy Swiss chard recipe — sautéed with lemon, quinoa, capers, and olives. How to cook Swiss chard Swiss chard isn’t as common as spinach or as trendy as kale but it’s a delicious leafy green full of nutrients. It’s perfect for a simple supper or a holiday feast because the rainbow chard is tasty and beautiful. A healthy side dish that's for kids too. Heat olive oil/canola in a pan on low-medium heat, add garlic and chopped Swiss chard. This goes beautifully with the Swiss chard. Perfect vegetarian main dish, or serve as a side dish to the meat eaters at the table. Very easy and simple vegan swiss chard recipe that's deliciously sweet. Cook covered on low for 4-6 minutes or until the chard just about starts to wilt. Vegan frittatas actually do exist!