This means we should approach God with an attitude of respect, praise, and gratitude. Sometimes we use a lot of words to seem intelligent or important. When we pray to God we recognize that He is in control. Jewish teaching saw sins as “debts” before God, and indeed, in Aramaic, the common language of Jesus’ day, the same word could mean both debts and sins. In fact, some of us are so familiar with The Lord’s Prayer that we must guard against saying the words without reflecting upon their meaning! SCRIPTURE: Matthew 6:5-13. Allow time for prayer and then move to discussion. Jesus is showing His disciples that it is important to ask for forgiveness. Say: Now take a few moments to pray this way and praise God with an ending to your prayer. When the disciples asked Jesus to teach them how to pray, He gave them The Lord’s Prayer – a prayer that has been passed down from generation to generation, from teacher to student, from parent to child! He is our Heavenly Father who is to be praised, respected, worshipped, and exalted. 6. To show that we trust in Him, He asks us to bring our concerns to Him in prayer. I can definitely hear similarities in these prayers! When she’s not hanging out with her husband and her cats – the loves of her life – you can find her at Create With Joy ( The last strip before the top piece of bread should say “Amen!”. This is the oldest Christian prayer we have and Jesus shared it with his first disciples. There are three basic elements to the Lord’s Prayer: adoration, petition, and confession. Now we’re not talking about the movie, but we are talking about someone who wants to put on a show. I know that sounds crazy, what does rolling dice and adding have to do with praying to God. Lead them to pray each part of the prayer slowly with long pauses for reflection in between each phrase. She founded Create With Joy as a place to celebrate creativity – share books, crafts and recipes – and connect with other bloggers. What part of “The Lord’s Prayer”is easiest for you to pray? It’s not a magical formula that forces God to do what we want, but rather shows us our need for God and how to present our needs to Him. We can’t resist temptation without God’s power. Powered by Shopify, Bibles or a print out of the Lord’s Prayer, 2 Stacks of strips of paper with the Lord’s Prayer written on them (KJV). Our desire should be for Him to reign over our world in addition to His reign in heaven. You will be divided into two teams tocompete against eachother. But Jesus says that the Father already knows what we need and what we are trying to say. Copy of the Lord’s Prayer to have in your lap (Trust me, doing it line by line, you will lose track of what comes next!) If you teach these prayers, it should be in addition to, and not instead of, showing them how to talk to God naturally. Let’s pause right now and each proclaim one of God’scharacteristics. Divide the youth into 5 groups. Say: Now take a few moments to pray this way and write to God, asking Him to forgive you for specific sins you have in your life. When we address who our daily bread comes from, we are also thankful for the source! We will never be perfect as longaswe are humans on this earth. Just before going to the cross, Luke 22 tells us that Jesus went to the garden to pray. I usually say something like, “It is very hard to think that someone who did something so horrible could or should ever be forgiven. REQUESTS: “Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one.”. We might not understand why someone is sick. And when you pray, do not keep on babbling like pagans, for they think they will be heard because of their many words. I’ll pick someone to start and someone to close, and if you feel led, you can pray any part of the prayer you’ve written to God today. To show that we trust in Him, He asks us to bring our concerns to Him in prayer. Some religions teach specific prayers, such as The Lord's Prayer, which was given to us by Jesus. One book that beautifully illustrates these principles and demonstrates God’s great love for children is Rick Warren’s new book, The Lord’s Prayer, which features the magnificent illustrations of Richard Jesse Watson. When we are tempted to do wrong, God wants us to pray for strength and protection and choose what is good! The concepts behind these prayers can be taught so that kids aren't simply reciting words without meaning. Scatter one set of the strips of paper on one side of the room and the 2nd set on the opposite side. We serve a God who leads us OUT of temptation, not into it! “This, then, is how you should pray: ‘Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Have them to visualize Jesus the Son sitting beside them as they … What kinds of things are tempting for you and cause you to sin? Congratulations to the winning team, you can come up here and get your prize. Also take a few moments to pray this way and write to God, forgiving someone for something they did that hurt you. But no matter our circumstances, we pray that God’s will be the most important thing to us. Newer Post →, Copyright © 2020, Ministry to Youth - Preteen. Repeat the prayer periodical throughout the year and discuss the meaning of the Lord’s Prayer as you do so. In “The Lord’s Prayer,”Jesus was modeling how to pray for His disciples. Give each group a phrase from The Lord’s Prayer with this challenge: Create a meme or Instagram photo, or even a drama skit, to explain your phrase in … As you held your baby in your arms and gazed into your infant’s eyes, did you ever wonder what you should teach them about prayer? Even after we give our lives to Jesus, we still sin. As churchgoers, we often recite The Lord’s Prayer during our weekly services. The Lord’s Prayer is the first prayer that most children learn to pray. Jesus is about to be arrested and he prays… “Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done.”.   Google+ God gives us the ability to know what is good and bad, and the power to choose what is right.