This can be really helpful if you’re feeling overwhelmed about the testing, licensing, and other potential international travel requirements. You can also work outpatient in community health centers, occupational health, urgent care, emergency rooms, school health, doctor’s offices, pediatric clinics, Indian health services, Air force bases, home health etc. The nonprofit National Association of Travel Healthcare Organizations (NATHO) touts international travel nursing’s flexibility and potential for cultural enrichment as invaluable benefits. You also get paid more than working as a permanent employee. It's our mission to empower you on your career path by being a trusted resource for information that will help you achieve your goal for a better future. For example, some countries in need of travel nurses have a lower cost of living. Perks of Working as an International Travel Nurse. Become an International Travel Nurse Become an International Nurse by getting an ADN or BSN and earn an average of $72K yearly. Your travel nurse agency can help you figure out what extra steps you need to take. You can gain these credentials through organizations like the American Nurses Credentialing Center and the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, though you may need to gain additional certification in the country where you work. You can work inpatient as a hospitalist, in the Emergency Room, in the ICU, etc. When packing to head abroad, keep things as simple as possible. Do you provide free housing or a housing stipend? This involves a lot of paperwork and providing copies of all licenses and certifications. You’ll then need to make sure you have a passport, a visa, a work permit, and any sponsorship that’s necessary. However, every agency works differently, so it’s important to ask questions to understand exactly how they operate. Continental Nurse deals with select clients in the most desirable locations in the UK. 483 International Nurse Practitioner Position jobs available on Ready to begin travel nursing? Upon accepting an assignment, you will need to sign a contract dictating the terms of the assignment. Plus, some countries will ask to see your transcripts to verify your education against their standards. You’ll likely need to be tested for COVID-19 and have proof of a negative result before you can enter a country. A Travel Nurse Practitioner in your area makes on average $107,842 per year, or $2,495 (2%) more than the national average annual salary of $105,347. You might also need to take a test proving you can speak in the primary language of that country. Usually, you’ll receive an hourly wage that might seem somewhat low, but your pay is supplemented with additional benefits. 1,066 travel nurse international jobs available. Your agency will help you prepare for this and pay the fees. In Australia, NPs must work their way up over many years from nurse to clinical nurse, then to clinical nurse specialist and finally clinical nurse consultant. You will also need to be licensed in the US with the NCLEX nursing exam. Pets may or may not need to be quarantined for a period of time upon arrival in the country. You’ll be expected to have at least a working knowledge of the local language before you’ll be considered for a nursing role in a foreign country. If you’re curious about international travel nursing but not ready to make a long commitment, there are numerous volunteer opportunities. There is always a new adventure coming along and it is a great way to avoid burnout working in medicine. Some agencies already have contracts to place nurses in overseas roles.