Even despite the fact that marketing and public relations are being constantly aggravated by technology overabundance, internal communication has also been changed and elevated to a higher level. Further on, the invention of papyrus, then — paper, and wax, as well as a printing press in 15th century made it possible to transfer the first documents, unlike stones which were immobile. Thus, technological progress has affected it dramatically, as well. Because the lion share of it undoubtedly belongs to SMS: over 560 billion texts are sent every month worldwide, which makes text messaging the most used data service in the world. Stone pictographs, invented in ancient times gave a rise to the first written communication. The growing overabundance of modern technologies, which become cheaper and faster, makes it easy for the users to stay connected even on the run, using mobile devices. Security then becomes a principle in the development of IoT technologies, smart city, and vehicle communications and so on. This chapter aligns with Chapters 4 and 10 of the PMBOK and 18% of the CAPM questions come from this knowledge area. Rachel Levy Sarfin has been writing professionally since 1998. The Franklin Institute: Bell's Telephone. In fact, the changes have been so significant that traditional types of communications like letters, telegraphs and even phone calls are becoming extinct. Written language developed as humans settled into agrarian communities. Human beings have relied on various methods to communicate with each other. The invention of the printing press certainly made it easier to communicate, but it could take days or weeks for the written word to arrive at its destination. This enabled to expand the literacy throughout the globe and increase the communication level. Friedrich Kittler. 1. History of Communication Technology – If we look around us, everything has changed from the old times. SMS messaging strategy, which enables crafting a communication and addressing all the stakeholders, satisfying their specific needs. It’s natural that communication has undergone certain development throughout the history. Stone pictographs, invented in ancient times gave a rise to the first written communication. At the same time it widened the potential accessibility and the speed of reaction. Everyone nowadays has a computer or a tablet at home, brings it to work or vice versa, etc. Bluetooth connections, talk-to-text, every form of messaging apps – while you’re driving, in meetings, … So we will call 2019 the year of security focused networking. 7. Nevertheless, under the circumstances of an intense and constantly increasing competition on the market, it is vital for both the customers and the organizations to stay adjusted. The advancement of technology has made communication unbelievably fast and convenient. A positive look at how communication has evolved with the new technologies is the key to success in any business. This may cause some risks of data breaches for the huge corporations. However, the technologies we use today did not always exist. This enabled to expand the literac… The Internet got its start in the United States more than 50 years ago as a government weapon in the Cold War. As societies developed further, pictures then represented sounds. It’s obvious that technology and telecommunications move back-to-back and the latest breakthrough which was the Internet and mobile devices have resulted in bringing global telecommunications to a brand new level. Gutenberg's invention revolutionized book production, making books affordable and accessible. And along with connection, we see instant availability. It’s incredible to look back and see how much easier communication has gotten over the years. Eventually, scientists realized that computers could be used to communicate as well. 6 Communication Technologies 6.0 Overview. Humans have relied on communication from time immemorial to relay messages to one another. All the above mentioned makes professionals think more outside the firewall, because accessibility of devices and apps rather indulge them communication in the network, than in real. Such tendencies wouldn’t become evident but for the telecommunications’ technology breakthrough. Ultimately in the West, the language of pictures gave way to letters, which were graphic representations of particular sounds. // Leaf Group Lifestyle. The invention of the telegraph was the inspiration for further advances in communication technology. Native advertising, which is aimed at driving clients to a site by inserting a supported link inside a news feed, which always offers some value add content. In 1454, German goldsmith Johannes Gutenberg invented a printing machine that contained movable blocks. Nowadays, we use complex technology to send important information to our loved ones, friends and business associates. That is why both parties: the organizations and the workers, should be ready to face the consequences as the possibility that workers may use their own gadgets in the work place implies that communications (and IT) experts may be allowed to inspect them because business related information may be utilized by workers both on and off the clock. Writing became important as humans recognized the need to keep records of property and trade. As far back as the early 1800s, letters were delivered by messengers. Now, due to the Internet and other communication technology, we have entered a new era of globalization in which interactivity, communication, collaboration and the transfer of products and services take place instantly. Perhaps the most noticeable difference in the Internet today is the ability to be personable in such an impersonal setting. Apart from the technological shifts, as the human relations and communication evolved, they have also added to the further development and newer discoveries which seem revolutionary even now, pushing it all forward from one level to another. The switch from hunting-based societies to non-nomadic lifestyles based on agriculture took place roughly 9,000 years ago. This invention ultimately became more popular than the idea it was based on, and the telegraph became a thing of the past. Further on, the invention of papyrus, then — paper, and wax, as well as a printing press in 15th century made it possible to transfer the first documents, unlike stones which were immobile. And here, at BSG we bear that in our minds for the ultimate result in … . 32% shared news stories through email and social media. Marketing is realized via multiple communication channels. Without it, modern telecommunications would have been impossible. Computers represented a huge leap in communication technology. Scientists searched for a faster way to transmit information. Unlike the telegraph, this electrical signal was transformed back into speech. Big data collection that enables the marketers to collect vast data amounts and predict globally what their target audience might want or do next. Constant connection seems to be the name of the game. Possibility to lower the costs & increase the speed of communication services enabled bringing communication to the new quality level — the most widely consumed services all over the globe. And here, at BSG we bear that in our minds for the ultimate result in what we do the best in the realm of telecommunications — providing the top-notch bulk SMS messaging worldwide. For oil, the writing is on the wall: new times call for new energies, Glass-Steagall Is the Wrong Cure for Facebook and Google, Time travel through 2010s technology: Part 1, Slack Aims to Be ‘Great Connector’ Ahead of US IPO. In comparison to previous generations, technology has drastically changed the way we communicate with each other around the world.