or amongst the Japanese as the Daikon Radish. Serve hot with white … The chinese white radish is also known as white radish (surprise!) Besides it is believed to stimulate appetite, treat liver and gallbladder problems, and improves bowel movement. White Radish (Daikon) with Chicken Soup White radish or daikon is an excellent source of potassium, folate, vitamin C and also magnesium. garnish 35g coriander leaf dash shallot oil Put dried cuttlefish and ribs in hot boiling water. Cook for another 30 mins. It is quite a versatile vegetable as you can use it to make lo bak kou (turnip cake), stirfried, pickled or cooked in soups … Scoop away scum. 35g cuttlefish strips 40g fresh black fungus 40g carrot strips 40g white radish strips 10g coriander root 500ml chicken stock 1 tbsp soya sauce 1 tbsp black vinegar 1 tsp sugar 2 whole eggs, beaten 4 tbsp cornstarch, for thickening soup 3 tbsp water, to mix with corn starch dash salt and pepper. It basically looks like a white carrot which is oversized. Cook for abt 1 hr, then add in radish chunks.